Oct 29, 2010

Happy Marriage Conquers Bad Day

Sounds like a newspaper headline doesn't it?

Yesterday my hubby and I both had bad days. I went to work and had a more than challenging grant to write. It made me exceptionally grouchy. He had the day off and from getting cut off in traffic to purchases being too expensive, just had nothing go right. So we were in bad moods.

When I got home, we did dishes together (his idea. wonderfully strange) and then he hung out in the kitchen with me while I cooked. We discussed his newest interest, wood working. Ate dinner and then went out to watch the World Series at a bar where a friend works and met up with other friends.

And when we got home at 11ish, we weren't in bad moods any more. Hanging out, doing something together...and maybe a cocktail or two, completely flipped our frowns upside down. I'm so happy that we like each other so much that even when we're both in a bad mood, we can put each other into good moods. Hurray!

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