Oct 23, 2010

Paper to Pizza

Monday is our one year wedding anniversary! Yay!

My family kicked off the celebration today by sending us an anniversary gift. Sticking to traditions, it was paper. As in the paper pages of the Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook. AMAZING. I've already gone through the whole thing and flagged the recipes I'm eager to try. Ross is reading right now while he takes a bubble bath. (Yup, my hubby takes bubble baths.)

Tonight I tried out the first recipe from the book: deep dish pizza with prosciutto and arugula. Since I lack a deep dish pizza pan and the prosciutto was outrageously expensive, it is more accurate to say that my dinner was inspired by the cookbook. Here's what I was trying to make:

And here is what I ended up with


Besides lacking the obvious pro chef, pro photographer and shiny cookbook look, it was fairly close. It was the thin crust version. As the recipe called for, it included cooked tomatoes, sauteed garlic, wilted arugula, fantina and mozzarella cheese and a little thyme. I substituted prosciutto with Canadian bacon and added onions, mushrooms and a red bell pepper. Oh and I forgot to add a little salt (which I really should do next time).

We don't make homemade pizza very often but I think this was one of the most successful rounds. Way to go us!

Thanks Mom, Dad & Kevin for this great gift! We love Top Chef and are so glad we can finally actually try some of the recipes instead of just drooling in front of the TV every week.

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