Oct 17, 2012

And we shall call him...

BABY PICS_1Now that we know we are having a baby boy, it's lovely to start calling baby "he" and "him instead of "it." And even better than gender-specific pronouns is his actual name.

We're naming our son

Cade Daniel Black

Cade is a name that during the random name shoot-out ("Michael!" "Duke!" "McLean!") we both stopped on and really liked. We discussed "Caden" too but realized we would always call him Cade and Ross especially liked the shorter version much better. And so it was decided: Cade.

Daniel is my brother's middle name. In addition to liking the subtle family connection (we had a family middle name selected for a girl too), I really like that it has softer sounds since both "Cade" and "Black" have very hard consonant sounds. I think it provides nice balance.

And that, friends, is our little boy's name! Let the monogramming begin!

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