Oct 3, 2012

Today I'm excited about...

  1. Get Babied! Infant Survival Class - A no-frills new mom at the office recommended this class as one she and her hubby did and loved. She, like me, has been around kids plenty but still thought this class was good. I immediately checked it out. It sounds great! It includes all kinds of things that you don't learn from caring for other people's kids like vaccinations, umbilical cord care and even postpartum depression symptoms. Since I'm not feeling the books and tons of research, this one-time 2.5 hour class feels like just the right amount of baby prep. And it is called a "survival" class which makes me grin and feels fitting. I've already signed us up for their mid-February class.
  2. Yoga! - My favorite yoga teacher randomly has a class on the schedule tonight. I cannot wait! Fingers crossed that Wednesday night classes are about to become a regular thing.
  3. Baby Rowan - She was born Friday and tomorrow night we are going to meet her. Yay!

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