Oct 20, 2012

My Baby Godmama

022In addition to having a name now, Cade also has godparents! I am very pleased to announce Baby Cade's amazing godmama, drum roll please...Val!

We'd been discussing godparents for months, maybe even before we knew we were pregnant honestly. Since Val lives half a country away, I wanted to do something fun to ask her to be our baby godmama. So I decided to ask her via video which led to...

Baby (God)Mama Drama

Tuesday once we knew we were having a Baby Boy Cade, I finished up my video for Val by adding in an ultrasound pic. I uploaded it to YouTube and emailed her the link. After several hours of waiting to hear back from her (and carrying my phone around obsessively because I just knew as soon as she saw it she'd call me) (also thinking what the hell Val, when I send you something look at it damn it), here's the email exchange that followed

Val: Copyright blocked :(
Me: well that was really anti-climatic. Let's try again and if this doesn't work I'll just email you the file
Val: It's still blocked.
Me: OMG this is hysterical. I'll email it to you in a few
Val: Stop breaking copyright laws, Cheryl. I'm doing a research project on copyright infringement right now - those penalties can be steep.
Me: Take 2 (file attached)
Val: I need to convert the file - the .wmv won't play on my computer. I don't have time to do it now, but I'll try to get around to it during class tomorrow.
Me: Last attempt because now this is a challenge, one I will not back down from

Apparently Flickr has looser copyright regulations because finally it worked and she received this

And then just as I knew she would, she immediately called. I believe the first thing she said was "I'm glad I didn't try to convert that in class because I would have been crying."

And with that Baby Cade got his Godmama Val.

I'm thrilled to pieces to have Val play a part in Baby Cade's life and just know he'll learn so many good lessons from her. She's a great example for him to have around and I am so so so happy that she's accepted and is excited for her role.


Kim Dodson said...

I can't see the video you posted! Stupid iPad - is there a link I can use to see It? So awesome:)

Anna Bryant said...

I can't get the video to play either :-( So excited for baby Cade and congrats on having a complete godparent family!

Cheryl said...