Oct 14, 2012

El Weekend

iphone_picSaturday was the annual Mustache Party for the UT-OU game. The game itself was a bust but per the usual, Nick and Kristy hosted an excellent party. There were a couple less mustaches this year (Ross bowed out knowing that Movember starts in a few short weeks). I think Stacy's was my favorite though. His took him right back to 1980. Pretty awesome

And due to the losing of a bet, Cason had to sport Ross' Bears shirt all day long. It filled Ross with joy and I think broke Cason's heart a little.

Today was a day of yuppie indulgences for me. It started with yoga class, then a quick stop at the jeweler to have my rings checked and cleaned and finally off for a massage. A prenatal massage was a little different of an experience but hey a massage is a massage. Also the spa, Woodhouse Day Spa, had the BEST ROBE I have ever worn, even beating the ones at Lake Austin Spa and the Ritz Carlton in NYC.

Though I've been going back and forth on sharing this part, in the spirit of honestly sharing my pregnancy (which I assume you are interested in because I was always interested in my friends' experiences), this weekend I'm not really feeling the magic of pregnancy. I mean it is pretty amazing that my body is just humming along creating a new human. And I've been very lucky to have an easy pregnancy so far. But this weekend I've felt very limited by it. I feel great (yay!) so all the things I can't do just seem...annoying I guess. People ask if its hard to not drink (yes some days) but lately it has been harder to keep my heart rate down at the gym, or not take a hot bath, or simply find a comfortable way to sleep. I feel great and I want to do things but I know its important for Baby that I don't push any limits so I won't. But like I've said, I've had this pregnancy thing pretty easy and its for a baby I very much want with a hubby who I very much love so with that this whine is over.

Finally, dear God I hope the Houston Texans start playing decently in the second half of this game. I think I read somewhere that Baby can hear now and assuming that is true, he/she is learning quite the vocabulary as a result of this losing score. Prep for its future as a football fan I guess.

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