Oct 4, 2012


Well the BabyCenter app/website let me down today. I'm 17 weeks and all I got in terms of a food comparison was "Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip)," which does not tell me bigness, just fatness. And maybe it is a sign that I don't eat enough vegetables but I have no idea what size a turnip is.

However some other interesting bits where BabyCenter did come through is that Baby is about 5 inches head to booty and getting more of a traditional skeleton.

On the Mom-front, this belly is here. At our client conference last week I had a couple people say "I just heard you are pregnant! I was wondering when I saw you." And where before it was only the odd outfit that I looked pregnant in, now it is only the odd outfit I do not look pregnant in.

Also, when laying on my stomach in yoga class I can definitely feel Baby. The best way to describe it is it feels like I'm laying on a small nerf football. It is definitely a new feeling and definitely in the right spot in my belly so I am sure it is Baby. No noticeable moving yet though.

And finally, holy hips. I thought my hips were just killing me from traveling and a lack of yoga. But last night after yoga, though they felt better, it was not by much. According to the Google, hip pain in the second and third trimester is normal; everything is getting ready for the big day. Usually it is later in the second trimester but I'm guessing mine is starting early since my hips are so narrow (seriously, I am built like a boy when it comes to curves...and lack thereof). Fingers crossed that I'm not looking down the tunnel at 23 weeks of hip pain.

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