Oct 5, 2012

Maternity Clothes #Fail

First, this is not a rant about being fat or achey or hating maternity cloths.

Second, as a chick and marketing gal, I'm not someone who is horribly opposed to pretty models. I would appreciate they don't be totally emaciated but I get that clothing ads are selling you an image. "Wear this bra and you too can look like Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum." I get it, whatever, no big deal.

I have however found the exception to the rule.

Actual image from site
I was just online shopping Motherhood Maternity and the "lingerie" link piqued my curiosity. (Pretty nighties that flatter my belly? Sign me up!)

The first page of this section was much more boring: bras. Plain white or nude colored bras, basic, functional, practical. OK, that's fine. Then while browsing these less than exciting bras, it dawned on me - I could see the models' abs. ABS. Do you know what pregnant ladies do not have? ABS!

I'm offended because 1) how dare you try to sell me the image of having a set of flat washboard abs while I am PREGNANT and 2) do your job better marketing and advertising team! This is an embarrassment to your industry. You should know your audience better than this!

Now I can just hear the argument: "Oh well these bras are also for nursing so those women wouldn't be pregnant any more."

True. But how many women who are still nursing have beautiful flat abs? Very few I tell you, very few. Nice try but you fail.

The one or two models who were not flaunting their abs were the models featured in the plus size section so not so much pregnant as just a different size and shape.

Motherhood Maternity, you suck. I'm hereby waging (social media) war on you.

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kadodson said...

That is super frustrating! Just a piece of advice - I would go into the physical store to buy your nursing bras. You'd be surprised how much your beta size really changes and if you think you have big knockers now, wait until after the baby comes :) they'll be able to help you find a size that works now but also allows for the extra room needed afterwards. It can be frustrating and irritating to look at those perfect models though - hope you get some comfy new clothes soon :)