Oct 10, 2012

Dressing Prego

Yesterday was the first day I could not button my pants. Thank you hair-tie through the button hole trick.

Today, though I could obviously pull the hair-tie trick, I thought I would give my beband a trial run. (I'm off work and going to a half-day volunteer meeting so if I'm wicked uncomfortable [which so far do not anticipate] at least it isn't for a full day at work.)

Those two things in mind, today I am thankful that

  1. I was born at the turn of this century and not last. Because while this beband thing is pretty good so far (4 minutes in), it did take several attempts to get it on right-side out and got me thinking about corsets. God, I am glad I never had those forced upon me. I don't even like pantyhose. I would have been a 19th century lady fail.
  2. I'm pregnant in the fall/winter and NOT summer. This thing isn't thick but let's be honest. When it is 106 out, you don't want any extra layers, thick or not. In fact if you could walk around half-naked and not get stared at, that would be preferable during the Texas summer.


Mom said...

Is this thing safe for the baby in your belly? Squishing your insides...while baby is trying to grow? Looks like a great item to use post-pregnancy!

Cheryl said...

yeah its fine. It is less constricting than pantyhose or leggings would be. It is meant for baby bumps.