Oct 25, 2012

October 25, 2012 - A Milestone Day

Today is a milestone day for Team Black.

First, at 20 weeks preggers, we're halfway there! Baby Cade is the length of a banana and instead of being measured head to tush, he's now measured head to toe. BabyCenter.com says I've likely gained 10 pounds...not so. I've gained 2. No complaints here!

loweC_6080Second, my sweet hubby and I celebrate three years of married awesomeness today. On our wedding day, I loved him more than anyone else. Somehow after three years, a house, job changes, 20 weeks of pregnancy and a whole lot more, I love him even more than I did on that beautiful day in South Austin. His strengths are my weaknesses and it is immeasurably wonderful to have him as my other half.

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Brittney Garneau said...

Happy anniversary you guys! I still remember the night I got the text about your engagement :) Chad was over, and since we'd been dating 2 fewer days than you, I gave him the stink eye and he got a little fidgety. HAHAHA!!