Oct 22, 2012

Wiggley Baby

During last week's ultrasound the tech asked me if I was able to feel Baby Cade yet. Yes, I told her a little. She said she wasn't surprised; this kid was a mover.

Today in my regular check-up with my OBGYN my doc asked the same thing and again I told her yes. Also that it felt less like flutters and more like somersaults, not very airy and not very graceful.

A few minutes later she had the doppler-thing on my belly listening for his heart beat. She then scowled and said "sorry I'm having a little trouble..." I asked if the heart beat I heard was mine and not the baby's (after all my heart is bigger, stronger and louder). She replied with no, that was the baby's but he was just moving so much she couldn't get a good read for very long at a time.

Dear Cade, you are one wiggley baby. What are you doing in there?

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