Oct 8, 2012

Good news

In the perfect world, my workday is bookended by ABC News. Today was a day in that perfect world. And on two of the newscasts I watched, I got some news that pleased me.
  1. Sam Champion is engaged! Sam Champion is publicly taking advantage of New York's same-sex marriage laws and getting hitched. Three cheers to Sam, his fiance and ABC News for publicly celebrating the upcoming nuptials.
  2. Pflugerville ISD is set to offer domestic partner benefits. Now I give Pville a lot of crap for its overuse of "Pf" and my opinion of that stands but I'm a little prouder to live in the Pville area today because these domestic partner benefits include heterosexual and same-sex partners. I dig it.
There's a slew of things in the world that aren't exactly as we would all like them but happy news like today's makes me optimistic that things are going in the right direction.

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