Oct 12, 2012

Bell Pepper Baby

Well, I'm one day late on the baby-as-a-food update. I guess this officially begins the extended phase of Baby-induced tardiness.

I was 18 weeks along as of yesterday and Baby is the length of a bell pepper and about 7 ounces in weight.

I'd like to pause here to say that the team at babycenter.com and I must shop at different grocery stores. Just two weeks ago Baby was avocado-sized and before that apple-sized. Maybe we have some freakishly sized produce here in the Lone Star State, but my avocados and apples are normally at least the size of a bell pepper and often bigger. Though I guess sometimes I do see weirdly long red bell peppers so maybe those are more common in non-Texas places and that's what I should be mentally comparing by growing Baby to?

In other news, the couple prego readings I've done lately (ie the 2 paragraphs from babycenter.com and 3 pages in a book) say I should avoid chips and eat more fruit. Have they ever been pregnant? (Baked) Cheetos and popcorn sound so good...all the time. Sigh, I did have a glass of V8 with my 94% fat free popcorn so I guess that ain't so bad. Also since I am still hovering around my pre-prego weight, I'm not too worried about gaining too much yet. But if/when that changes then, Girl Scout's Honor, I will reduce my Cheeto intake.

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