Oct 20, 2012

The Godfather

014Announcing Baby Cade's godfather....drum roll please...Ryan!

So as you know we had godparents picked out before we even knew if we were having a boy baby or a girl baby. And once we found out on Tuesday, I was itching to ask the potential godparents. Since Ryan lives so close, I wanted to ask him in person. Unfortunately he wasn't available to go to dinner Tuesday night but he called us yesterday to see if we wanted to go on a double date. Perfecto!

When we got to the restaurant, here's how the conversation went

Ryan: Congrats on having a boy, Roscoe and Cheryl!
Me: Thanks Ryan
Ryan: So I'm the godfather right?
Me: Well, actually, we wanted to ask you about that...
Ross: Ryan, put these sugar packets under your leg of the table, it's wobbley.
Me (ignoring Ross): Yeah, we'd like you to be his godfather
Ryan: Really? Cool man. What's a godfather do?
Ross: Ryan, damn it, fix the table.
Me: Ross, we're having a moment!

And with that, Baby Cade got his godfather Ryan.

After fixing the wobbley table leg - because you know, first things first - we told Ryan what being a godfather means to us: being at Cade's baptism, showing up for birthday parties and just in general being a really good uncle.

Then Ryan started practicing his lines "Sorry boss, I need time off. My godson has his baptism" and "I gotta go to my godson's baseball game."

Later in the evening Ryan asked about my work/baby stuff and I said yes, I planned to work right up until Cade arrives. Ryan was a little concerned/confused on what would happen if I went into labor while Ross was at the station. We told him duh - we call the godfather! He started to say he could work from our kitchen on those days to be on call so to speak but in the middle of that was overcome by a look of fear and said "I am NOT delivering the baby!" God, Ryan, when your godson needs you, you gotta man up! (We'll not ask Ryan to deliver Baby Cade but it is kinda fun to mess with him.)

I'm really happy Ryan is Cade's godfather. He's the most kind-hearted person I know, not a mean bone in his body, and I think that's a great type of person to have in my kiddo's life.

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