Oct 7, 2012

Prego Victory!

For the past month I haven't been craving food so much as totally uninterested in it. I eat because I have to but few and far between are the meals that sound REALLY good. (This is sad because I vaguely remember really liking food in my pre-pregnancy life.)

This disinterest in food and meals made grocery shopping incredibly ineffective. Pre-prego I would spend about $80-$100 per week at the grocery store. In this anti-food phase, it dropped to about $50 per week and there was no telling what I had in my cart. The only thing guaranteed was it probably didn't make a reasonable meal.

Two weeks ago I realized my shopping failure while still at the store and so bought fresh french bread (one of Ross' fav things ever). I came home and gave it to him as a peace offering saying "I have no idea what I bought at the store but I'm pretty sure it is a useless combination. I bought you bread though so you would know its not because I hate you."

Today I am proud to announce that I seem to have overcome my grocery shopping paralysis. I spent $85, bought nutritious food and even have a few meals in mind. VICTORY!

Also, I've never seen Ross so happy to unload groceries from the car as he was this morning.

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