Oct 28, 2012

Very Strong Opinions About Sports

I'm sure it's shocking to anyone reading this that I have very strong opinions about something. Today's edition: sports.
  1. A championship series should not be won in a sweep. Two teams that make it that far should be better matched...and should give the fans a more interesting series.
  2. The MLB season should be shortened by a month. Ross and I have had numerous conversations on this. The MLB season should finish at the end of August and play-offs should be in September. It would make each regular season game more important and reduce the conflict with football, both of which we are sure would be valuable to MLB.
  3. California, Florida and New York should not all have more football teams than Texas. Seriously. We are the capitol of football.
  4. Austin-San Antonio should have an NFL team. Again, Ross and I have discussed this at length. The stadium should be in the Buda-Kyle-San Marcos area so as to pull fans/employees from both metropolis areas. The team should be the Mustangs which we think could be translated into Spanish as Los Caballos and thus nicely meeting Texas' bilingual citizenship. And obviously we should be the team's owners and thus obscenely wealthy.
  5. Coaches should dress nicely on game day. I'm not a basketball or NBA lover but the way their coaches' attire should be imitated. And if arguably a suit isn't appropriate for outdoor MLB/NFL venues, at least reach a golfer's standard. MLB coaches look ridiculous in their tight pants. And Bill Belichick, quit it with the torn sweatshirts man; they pay you better than that.
  6. Congress should stay out of pro sports. I know they have better things to do than investigate this pro sport scandal or that pro sport scandal. I wish they would start doing those better things and let the leagues, and where appropriate local law enforcement, do the policing.
Speaking of politics, though it's not one of my strong opinions, I do like the idea that the Presidential election be settled by a sporting event. What if the Lions and the Bears could square off to pick this year's winner? Likely a much more flattering method for both sides.

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