Sep 15, 2010

36 Hours To Illinois

Monday-Tuesday was a 36 hour advenuture (19 in Illinois, 17 en route) to the Quad Cities on the Illinois-Iowa border for Gramma's service. I'll spare you the flight details but suffice it to say, neither the departure or the return went as they were supposed to; all my cell phone minutes were sacrificed to American Airlines and we went to significantly more cities than expected.

When in the Quad Cities though, I met many many members of Ross' family, some of whom I don't even think he had met before. I especially liked his cousins Jen and Andrea who I had not met before. They are great.

Nancy planned a perfect service Tuesday morning. There was an hour visitation at the funeral home, closed casket, with lovely flowers and photos of Gramma. The minister did excellent, especialy for not knowing Gramma. Though he didn't know her, he was the current minister at the Methodist Church she was a lifetime member at so I think it was still great that he is who presided over the service. As Gramma was a Navy veteran (their accounting department), the service included the National Anthem and an American flag over her casket.

Ross and the other men in his family were the pallbearers, six in total I believe. They carried her to the bagpipes playing in the background. At the cemetery she was buried with her husband. As a veteran she received the honor of a 21-gun salute. The flag was folded and presented, with the shell casings, to Nancy. Gramma would have been very pleased with the service. Nancy did a wonderful job.

In addition, hats off again to our friends. Jon and Erin took Lexi and I'm sure she was spoiled and loved to pieces. Ryan and Sus helped us when flights were delayed but Lexi had been returned to the yard and we needed her let into the house. I'm so thankful we have so many great friends here in Austin who could lend a hand as we went through this incredibly eventful week.

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