Sep 7, 2010

Shift 1 in Review

As part of his probie year, Ross has a shift log that the ranking officer will complete each shift for him. When he got home this morning, he busted out with the binder that contains this log and we very happily read the following together.
And I quote...
1st day, good job fitting in, very attentive...studies most of the day, participates in station activities, chores and duties. Asks questions, participates as a team player on calls. Will be an asset to GFD and Station 2.
I am so proud of him. Like a bursting-with-pride kind of proud.

There's always first-day jitters at any new job and even though he's been training for a month, the first day with actual calls is enough for a few jitters. This evaluation was a great note to end the shift on. I'm so proud (just in case I hadn't mentioned it).

DSC00645Oh yeah, and it's wet here. It isn't scary hurricane like rain but definitely the wet don't-want-to-be-outside kind.

Lexi is not into it at all but I think the lakes, the heat index, our yard, the electric bill (as it also brings a little bit of a cool front) and the water bill are all very into it. Unfortunately for Lexi, those elements, when combined, trump her.

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