Sep 18, 2010

Best Bridal Registry Advice

I got my best piece of bridal registry advice from Susannah...which is kinda funny because I think her mom and sister actually did her registry for her. But either way, she gave me the best advice:

Register for two sets of all your stemware.

Mikasa Cheers collection
I did and wound up with two sets of my wine glasses. One set has been sitting in my closet. Until now. A couple weeks ago I went to do dishes and in the sink was my favorite wine glass but now it was broken. I have no idea how it happened but it was very sad.

Last night when I wanted a glass of wine after dinner, I really just wanted my favorite glass. (My wine glasses aren't all matchy-matchy. It's a set of four that each have a different etched in design. So my favorite one is the one with horizontal stripes really close together because it doesn't show finger or lip prints. LOVE IT. Also oddly enough Sus and I have the same stemware collection but I think she has different types than I do.)

I was so glad Sus recommended registering for two sets because I just went right up into the closet, got out the other "favorite" wine glass and enjoyed my glass of wine.

Brides - register for two sets! You will be so thankful when you inevitably break one but your set isn't ruined.

PS The other best piece of wedding-related advice I received was to take a day off between the wedding and the honeymoon. I'm so glad we did because otherwise I think we would that slept through the first day of our honeymoon.

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