Sep 27, 2010

New 'Do

Have I told you about the new hair salon I go to now? It's a riot. It's called "Trashy Roots" and the primary decor is skeletons. And no, not skeletons because Halloween is somewhat close. This is just their thing. The walls are bright pink, which really highlights the black and white skulls. And most the stylists are exceptionally tattooed. Walking works of art they are.

Now please imagine me, preppy skirt or dress and a brightly colored Coach purse, walking in to get my cut. Talk about a fish outta water.

But they always do a great job so I just kinda giggle at how out of place I look and keep going back. Today, while surrounded by hot pink and skeletons, I had quite a lot of hair cut off. See?

iphone_picIt isn't the best picture but I am not having a very photogenic day (perhaps has something to do with not putting any make up on, taking self-portraits and solely using my iPhone. And yes, this was taken in a dressing room. I wanted to show my hubby but was out shopping and was too impatient to wait until I got home). But I think from the picture you can gleam that my hair is about chin length now.

Big thanks to Monique from the land of skeletons for hooking me up with this hot new 'do!

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redriverromance said...

Looks great, Cheryl! I'm nervous about getting my first hair cut in Little Rock, but I found this place called Payton's Place and took it as a good sign, as Payton is my nephew's name. Here's hoping!