Sep 2, 2010

S'more Money Please

School in and around Austin started the middle of last week. Thus everyone is back in town now and they've finished the first day of school madness. Everyone...including prospective sponsors.

This week alone S'more Soiree brought in $5,750. Actually in less than a week, in just Tuesday-Thursday. What a week!

All those big bucks also meant a personal milestone for me. I have now brought in more than my annual salary in donations and grants. That's a big deal since it really proves I am worth my weight in gold...and happened during the notoriously slow summer fundraising months.

I'm pretty pleased with our revenue right now and I expect it to only grow. After all, everyone is home from vacation and back into the real world. The next 8-9 months ought to be very busy and full of funding for Central Texas' best girl leadership programs. I'll keep you updated. Or better yet, why don't you update me through an old-fashioned donation.

Side Note
For the second day in a row a whole slew of neighborhood kids stopped by the house just now to take Lexi on a walk. They are so fun and energetic! Lexi loves the extra attention. And yesterday, haha I laugh just thinking about it, one of them, who I hadn't met before said "you're young" and I thought she was talking about Lexi so I said "yeah she's about two and a half." The girl looks at me and says "No. YOU'RE young." The funny little kid caught me off guard...and of course Ross wanted to know why nobody said he was young. Just call him Old Man Black he said. Hehe.

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