Sep 10, 2010

Yesterday Sucked

Gramma, Christmas 2008
Yesterday sucked. Big time.

A little after two, Megan (sister-in-law) called me from my mother-in-law's house. As soon as I realized it was Megan and not Nancy I knew it couldn't be good. I mean why wouldn't she just call from her own phone if nothing was wrong?

Megan told me that Ross' gramma was dying. Gramma had been unwell since Christmas, in and out of hospitals constantly. This summer she was in the hospital more than out. Unfortunately, that things had taken a sharp turn for the worse wasn't too surprising to anyone.

Given the decline, Megan and Nancy were making plans to go to Tennessee to see Gramma and Ross and I might want to do the same. She really didn't know much in the way of details though so I said I would give them a few minutes and if they made any progress to call me back. I'd wait to call Ross at work with the news. Ross ended up texting me that he couldn't get the day off we were hoping for in November to visit Gramma (weird huh?). So even though I hadn't heard more details from Megan yet, I called Ross and filled him in.

Within an hour Megan called me back to tell me that Gramma had passed. Then she called Ross to tell him. Gramma died peacefully in her sleep and for that we're all thankful. Ross and I are also both very thankful that he spoke to her as recently as Tuesday.

The funeral will be in Illinois but yesterday, and really as of right now, that's all we know.

I was supposed to work a late day yesterday, came in late and was leaving late. But in light of everything, I decided to go home. Ross chose to finish his shift as the station would have been shorthanded otherwise.

I got home at about 4:30 and as I was getting out of the car I heard the jingle of Lexi's dog tags, sounding mighty close. And there she was. Right behind me in the garage. I hung up with Melissa to punish my very bad escape artist puppy. I looked for holes but only discovered that the gate hadn't latched so she must have pushed her way out. I let her back into the yard, latched the gate and went in the front door.

The first thing I noticed was Ross' backpack on the kitchen floor and water bottle spilled out of it. Then I noticed the back door open. I thought Ross changed his mind and left work (and being upset about Gramma, had just kinda left a mess behind him), especially when I saw the light in his gameroom on. I called for him and started looking around the house for him (yes even know the jeep wasn't home, stranger things have happened). I even called his phone to see where he had left to since the time he had come home and left his stuff in the kitchen; he didn't answer. When I walked into the master bathroom I discovered that my jewelry box was missing. There was no explanation that included my husband as to why my whole jewelry box would be gone. That's when I realized someone broke into the house.

I went back into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife. For the record, I was pretty ticked that my chef's knife wasn't in plain sight and I had to just grab a chopping knife without a sharp tip. And then I realized my laptop was gone. I had left it on the counter that morning when, since I went in late, I had been playing around on it while watching GMA.

I checked the rest of the house, determined that I was alone and called 911. Let's insert here that 911 told me to call someone else! Can you f-ing believe that?! Hello! I am in a state of hysteria I do not have the ability to remember another number and I can't find any damn pens in my recently broken into home. Damn 911. I did remember the other number long enough to dial it and then those turds had to transfer me to another person (they also tried to give me another number to call but I told them NO). Finally I got through to the sherriff's office and they sent a very nice deputy to me.

Somewhere in all this I called Nichole who was already on her way over to greive over Gramma with me via a bottle of wine. I also talked with my Mom and then the deputy arrived.

The deputy FINGERPRINTED my house. Yes, my house was fingerprinted. He also asked if I knew anyone who would want to hurt us. That kinda pissed me off. I understand why he asked and I don't fault him but at that moment, it made me feel like he was blaming me. As if we hung out with such sketchy people that OUR OWN FRIENDS might be inclined to rob us. I told him quite clearly that we were a Girl Scout and a firefighter and no we did not have bleeping sketchy friends...and then I apologized for overreacting.

Ross finally texted me back saying he couldn't call but what was the emergency. I told him via text message and his replied asking about Lexi. Lexi being hurt hadn't even dawned on me as a possibility since she was the first thing I saw when I arrived home and was happy as a lark.

While the deputy was here, Nichole showed up. She let herself in, as we both always do at each other's houses and I have to tell you, the deputy's face was pretty damn funny. He looked like he thought the burglar was returning and like he would have a heart attack.

I inventoried everything with the deputy. Nichole had the presence of mind to point out that I had photos of some of the jewelry in the wedding album that arrived a couple weeks ago so the deputy was able to take photos of the photos to supplement my descriptions. (Hats off to Nichole for such quick thinking.) I realized that I knew exactly where the person had been in the house because we are meticulous about closing doors to keep Lexi out of certain rooms and almost just as meticulous about turning off lights. Whoever it was had either opened a door that I shut that morning or turned on a light that had been off. I know every damn place that bastard was.

Brittany also left work early to come check on me. She, Nichole and I spent about 30 minutes just saying "what the hell." The neighbor lady, Cindy, also came by to check on us and though home all day, unfortunately did not see anything. Without hardly talking about it, Ross, Nichole and I all decided I was taking Lexi and sleeping at Nichole's. It was a nice surprise that when anyone one of us said something the other's had already made arrangements or decided the same thing.

among the stolen
Of what was taken, the monetary value is very low (won't inventory what was not taken since I don't need to make a laundry list of what is still available for stealing, but I can count what they took on one hand and the laptop was by far the most expensive item). But I did lose three pieces of jewlery that have sentiemental value and cannot be replaced. Two rings, one from each grandma and if you don't know, my mother's mother passed away when I was in elementary school so that one particularly hurts. I wore both those rings on our wedding day and now they are gone. I also lost a necklace from my Grandma (dad's mom), my Tiffany earrings from Amanda's Aunt Pam, my TriDelta pin.

I hate knowing someone was in my house. It creeps me out and makes me feel unsafe. And I genuinely don't think we live in an unsafe neighborhood. No it isn't gated and yes we have stupid teenagers who probably smoke pot in the park but come on, what neighborhood doesn't have punk teenagers.

I keep being told bad things come in threes. I know everyone who says that is just making harmless commentary on the bizarre way both things happened in such close time proximity. But y'all, I'm gonna be honest. Only two bad things happened so I don't want to hear about threes because that means something else sucks and I can't handle something else sucking. Especially not something of that caliber. I'm going to assume that either 1 - bad things do not happen in threes or 2 - the light bulb in the living room lamp burning out is bad thing number three.

So that's it. Our really shitty day.

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