Sep 8, 2010

My Eyes Are Bigger

Remember when you were little and you just had to have three scoops of ice cream instead of two? And when you couldn't finish your mom had the right to tell you that your eyes were bigger than your stomach?

Well I'm going through the extra-curricular activities version of that. It's like flashbacks to when I was 15 and in every extra-curricular known to (wo)man.

I try not to over-commit myself and as of late, I try to diversify my activities. Both are more difficult than they should be since 1) I really hate not being busy or being bored and 2) what I do for work is exactly the kind of thing I love and wouldn't mind doing for play. Still though, I truly think that despite my gut urges, I'm happiest and most successful when I don't over-commit and when there's a little variety.

So currently, I'm on the board for YNPN Austin. That term ends with 2010.

I'm also writing for the Pflag and Leader. This can be as much or as little as I like and really has no end date.

I have an application in for Leadership Austin's Emerge program. That would be a late October through early January commitment.

I'm still very interested in joining the Junior League of Austin in January. If I recall correctly, that would be one meeting and a few hours of community service per month. Two of the things I really like about Junior League is someone else could be the boss and I can do more in-the-trenches volunteer work and less somewhat-removed-from-the-mission planning.

I've also considered becoming more involved in the Austin TriDelta alumnae chapter. I think I will definitely do this but in a less formal manner. I'd like to get to a few more happy hours each year but I don't think the volunteer opportunities it presents are really what I am looking for.

And I'm considering serving on the planning committee for the 2011 Cattle Barron's Ball (American Cancer Society). Specifically there is a Children's Art Project committee that works with kids in the oncology program at Dell Children's creating an art project that will be part of Ball's live auction. I think this would be the perfect way for me to be involved with the ACS as I can do some in-the-trenches work, get involved with what has somehow become my personal mecca of fundraisers and not have a conflict of interest with GSCTX.

(Oh yes, and I also have a job that includes a fundraiser in November and the grandmother of all Girl Scout fundraisiers in late April. And I have a hubby, puppy, home and lots of vacation time that I am very serious about using all of. Oh right and a dinner-and-wine club that I plan on joining if I don't get into Leadership Austin. And maybe a social life? Maybe?)

It really sounds like I'm going to do it all doesn't it? It may be hard to believe, but I have actually eliminated some choices. The Dell Children's Trust, United Way Williamson County's Women's Leadership Council, the 501Council at GreenlightsRelay for Life and United Way Capital Area's Young Leader's Society though all outstanding groups that I encourage others to investigate, just didn't really fit my bill for one reason or another.

Ya know, besides piling too much ice cream in my bowl as a child, I am reminded of what my hubby said to me during wedding planning: "what will you do with yourself once this wedding is planned???" Uh apparently, everything.

Anyways, suggestions? How do I pick? Or do I just do it all?

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