Sep 3, 2010

My Baby's a B

This is once in my life where I am so glad he got a B and not an A. SO GLAD.

And obviously I mean B shift. Yup, today finished up his four weeks of training and he was assigned his shift at GFD. He begins in B shift starting Monday. This is excellent because it means for 2010 he is off on our anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

Initially I was going to immediately book a night in Horseshoe Bay for our anniversary but when I went online to do such today, they had increased their rates. It was already the very top of our price range, especially since we've renewed our commitment to visit Gramma in Tennessee this year, so a rate hike just put it over the top.

If you remember, Horseshoe Bay was going to be 2010 vaca #2 but like I mentioned now we are committed to Tennessee thus that is vaca #2. Our anniversary is back to the more traditional and initially expected plan of things in Austin. We're thinking massages and a surf-n-turf dinner out, maybe on the lake. But no matter what, the good news is Ross is off for our first wedding anniversary! Hurray!

(Note: It was only recently that the idea of him having to work on that day even came to me. I must admit, I spent a few days really praying that would not be the case. In all the sacrifices I figured I would have to make as a firefighter's wife - Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgivings, general MIAness - never did being alone on our first wedding anniversary cross my mind. I am REALLY happy I'll be able to spend it with him.)

Now the plan this week is to inquire about PTO for a November trip to Tennessee, pick a weekend to go to Houston to see Kevin before he leaves for boot camp and draw straws for which holiday we'll do in Houston and which we'll do in Austin. What a happy, busy fall!

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