Sep 23, 2010

Fall in Texas = Best Thing Ever

I'm definitely not one of those people that gets all excited about the first day of a season. I mean really, compared to the weather its so arbitrary. You just cannot tell a Texan that summer doesn't begin until the end of's been well over 90 for at least 5 weeks at that point. And you can't tell a New Englander that fall doesn't begin around Labor Day or that winter doesn't begin until nearly Christmas. What-evah.

But today is the first day of fall and coincidentally, it's the first day that actually feels fall-ish here in Austin. Of course by that I mean it's definitely below 95 and maybe even below 90. After dinner I took Lexi to the mailbox and it was just beautiful outside! The kind of weather that makes you really think about how in the world you are going to go to the gym after being in your office for 8 or 9 hours. How could you possibly spend more time inside??

(I did. An hour pilates class. And I'm feeling it in my infrequently-worked-out abs.)

Fall in Texas is quite simply the best thing ever. No, it doesn't have the changing leaves of New England but having never really experienced them...remember I lived in the city when I was up there, not tons of trees on Comm Ave, I don't crave them.

What I do crave though is football in the air. High school stadiums lit up on Thursday and especially Friday nights. College games on Saturday evening and the Texans beating the snot out of everyone on Sunday. BBQ scenting the air all weekend long. Kids on bikes all over the neighborhood. Over-the-top seasonal decorations adorning every house in the neighborhood. The unnecessarily long countdown to Christmas which begins roughly in October. The perfect evenings that just demand porch sitting. Pumpkin bread baking in the kitchen. Seriously considering taking off random days from work just to be outside in the amazing weather. Windows open at night, cool breeze blowing in. And one of the things I'm looking forward to as a home-owner, sipping a glass of wine on the front porch while passing out snack-sized Snickers and Milky Ways to hundreds of dressed up little people on Halloween. Oh and more pumpkin bread.

If you've not been to Texas in the fall, I highly recommend you get right on that. Do not delay. Book a flight to Austin in October and make a reservation at the Black Inn in Pflugerville.

In the meantime, I'll be revisiting my gym-four-times-per-week workout commitment so that it can include more outside exercising. I just can't be inside a second longer!

(On a side note - this has been a busy week! First, it is a full five-day work week for me. Let me tell you, lame. Five day work weeks are for the birds. I am so over it. And two evening commitments. I think this is the first night Ross and I are both at home relaxing together. Nice change of pace.)

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Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on this! I absolutely LOVE fall, and I love to decorate my home for such an occasion. It is on my to-do list to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up some fun fall decor for Casa de Brittney :) I even made the office celebrate yesterday by baking homemade pumpkin bread for everyone, and I completed the treat with a pumpkin spice latte for myself! It was heaven I tell you, heaven.

Also, your football weekends with Ross sound eerily similar to mine with Chad! It's up early for Game Day or NFL Sunday Countdown, BBQ/grilling and chips and dip/queso, and beer for him, ritas or wine for me - all while wearing the jerseys of our favorite teams :) Too bad we're not in Austin any more, or we could celebrate fall and football together!