Sep 25, 2010

Bark Park, Georgetown

iphone_picYesterday we took Lexi to explore Bark Park in Georgetown. We went fairly early, around 2:30 so before most people were out of work. There was not a soul to be seen! (Ok well eventually one lady and her dog showed up. They were nice but not very playful.) We're hoping to go on a weekend sometime and hopefully find more puppies to play with.

As for a review, plenty of space, big oak trees, really pretty, water fountains, little kiddie pools for the puppies and a cool obstacle course. Though I can say, Ross and I definitely used the obstacle course more than Lexi. She was a very hard sell. Even with treats to entice her on the other end, she was just not into going through hoops or walking on ramps.

I really liked that it is part of this wonderful string of parks. There is a playground, baseball fields, dog park, jogging path and more all connected to each other. It's a wonderful big green space fairly close to the town center and right next to the Rec Center. I definitely think we need to return and hopefully find more pups there to play with.

Also I'm famous now. Wednesday Rosetta Thurman, a young NPO hotshot was in town from DC to speak at Greenlights' Texas Nonprofit Summit. Since she is active in YNPN, our local board took her out to dinner when she arrived. And she blogged about it - see it here. So like Haila said via Twitter today, I'm totally famous now.

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