Sep 24, 2010

Plan B

In the days BBI (Before Break In) I had all my lovely blogs saved in Explorer's RSS reader. It was lovely. Well of course when the jerks took my laptop they also took that lovely helpful list.

You may notice the "Blog-o-rific" list to the right becoming longer. It's my Plan B. As long as I'm using a loaner laptop, I need a virtual space to save my blog reading list. And this gets to be it. Maybe it is some kind of divine intervention so that I may share all the blogs I love with you. Maybe? I'm really reaching here, trying to find a silver lining to Shitstorm 2010.
Amanda and new baby Taygan

Oh yes, and to share with you, this became an increasing need this morning because Amanda, my college roommate who is a new mom and also the best chef I know, started a food blog! Yum! And I'm pleased to report it isn't exclusively food; she also promises baby inclusions. Food and babies! What's not to love!?

PS Omigod I blogged twice in less than 12 hours...most of which were sleeping hours. What is wrong with me!? The compulsive need to write is taking over!


Anna said...

Yay - maybe I'll find some cool new blogs to follow as well.

I also suggest Google Reader as another way to keep track of blogs you love to follow. It's great because you can access it from whatever computer you are currently on. It's fantastic. I use it all the time!

Cheryl said...

I've had it recommneded but since I don't use Google for email...I'm just not sold. It feels like one more place to log in ya know?