Jul 18, 2011

All Roads Lead to Austin

Last week I heard that Austin is the number one best city for the next decade. This lofty claim was based on our entrepreneurial spirit (Keep Austin Weird y'all), low unemployment and funky artsy culture.

Earlier this month Austin topped Forbes' Boom Towns for reasons like high numbers of college-educated migrants (holla!), family formation, job growth, population growth and other. Since a lot of Austin's college-educated migrants are under 30, it was a a double whammy in the migrants and families categories.

But apparently it isn't just young, educated entrepreneurs moving to town. According to ABC News, Baby Boomers are retiring here too. It's the number one hot spot for retirees to move to!

No wonder Austin is a town where nobody is native. (Which begs the question, who is more native, me or Ross? Yes he's lived here longer than I've been alive but his birth certificate says Illinois. I may be new to Austin but at least I'm a native Texan.)

I'm hoping with all these new people we'll get
  • More (big name) concerts and plays
  • More airport terminals
  • More direct flights
Clearly you can see my focus.

And so long as we're adding concerts, plays and, most importantly flights...

Hey Mom & Dad - why don't you come too? One day, in a bunch of years, when you retire, you could just move west. All the other Boomers are doing it.


Rae said...

Meanwhile Boston just got voted "Worst Dressed" and "Meanest City"... :(

Guest said...

I remember when I was in Sydney this report thing came out that named Brighton as one of the ugliest towns in America. Eh, tomato-tamato. I still love that dirty water!

Oh and Austin also made the "Worst Dressed" list and GQ cited our flip flop wearing (among other hippie-isms) as the reason why. I personally love the flip flop wearing.