Jul 26, 2011

Blue Jeans and Pension Plans

This made me so sad/outraged that it gets a lunch break blog post.

According to a recent Chicago Tribune article on 21 workplace benefits that are going the way of the do-do bird, not only are our pension plans in danger, so are our blue jeans!

While I may not like companies cutting any benefits, I can't say I'm surprised that pension plans, retiree health insurance or home-purchase assistance are being cut. (Really? Some companies help you buy a home? Don't most think your paycheck is help enough?) I may not like it, but I get it. These things are expensive and times are tight. It's crappy but...eh.

But casual dress day!?

Rockin jeans & boots at work today
Me wearing my blue jeans (and awesome boots) to work is not costing you any money. If raises, bonuses, etc are going to go out the window, the least you could do is help me make my wardrobe go farther. Besides being an employee expense consideration, talk about culture killer. You take away my insurance, take away the office season tickets and then slap me in the face with no more casual Friday. Who does that?? Talk about kickin' someone when they are down.

I think my office is probably in the clear on this one since we have casual everyday and not just Friday. We're a fun place and it's part of our culture. Thank the blue jean gods for that!

If your office is taking away your blue jeans, rebel! Rebel I say! Long live blue jeans!

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