Jul 17, 2011

Mr. Maybe

I like dumb girl books. I have dozens and have read even more. They are fun, easy and mindless. They usually are pink or purple in color. They are almost always in paperback form.

They all also have the same protagonist: a single girl working in mass comm in New York or London who really likes to shop. This means character development is a breeze and you can get straight to the plot.

Therefore it should be no surprise that Mr. Maybe is about Libby, a PR* living in London, searching for the right man and spending way too much on designer clothes in the process. I won't spoil the story but there end up being two guys in dear Libby's life, one that is right on paper and then the other.

It isn't an award winner but it was a fun, easy read for the middle of a hot summer. Good pool/beach reading. And it had a couple steamy scenes and some clothes/purses that even without pictures made me drool.  

Verdict: sure, why not. It's hot out. You need to turn off your brain for a while.

*This was the only thing in the book that really bugged me. The character actually describes herself as "a PR" as opposed to a PR pro or a public relations pro or something like that. I always wanted to say "Dear Libby, no you are not 'a PR' as that is as good as saying you are 'a public relations' which obviously sounds dumb. Love, me."


Anna Kreischer Bryant said...

This book sounds right up my alley!  I'll need to pick it up, as I'm looking for another good, easy summer read.  

Cheryl said...

If you haven't read The Help yet, I highly suggest that one too. Not as fluffy by any means but a good, fairly easy read