Jul 8, 2011

Defeat in the Frozen Foods Aisle

Back in May Ross said he wanted to try going vegetarian for a month. He'd heard people who are veggies say they never felt healthier than after they went veggie. He digs health so he wanted to try it. And since I wasn't about to have us cooking two separate dinners every night, I decided to go along for the ride. (Except I was still gonna eat fish, at least on the days he was working.)

I can't remember why exactly but July was deemed to be the best month to go vegetarian. We got to the very end of June and for about the twentieth time I asked him if he was really really sure about this veggie thing. He was...except he didn't think we should start until July 5. Who were we kidding thinking we wouldn't eat meat at a 4th of July BBQ?

On July 5 we went veggie.

Jump ahead all the way to...July 7. Our friend Jeremy is about to go off to a month of Army training so his girlfriend organized a going away BBQ and pool party. Since Ross had relented and agreed to also eat fish, I said we should take salmon with us. No way no how, salmon is a pain in the ass to grill I was told. OK fine, despite a house full of vegetarian food, we went to HEB to find something grill worthy.

As we stood in front of the frozen veggie burgers and veggie dogs, it happened. My husband caved. The vegetarian stint ended. After admitting defeat and acknowledging that I would be blogging about this defeat, he made a beeline to the sausage. Good, processed, all-American and probably multi-animal sausage.

On the drive home from the party, Ross summed the whole thing up with "I just don't know how people do it. Why would you ever want to turn down delicious things like sausage and steak tips and burgers and..."

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