Jul 30, 2011

I hate baths.

Dear Mom & Dad,

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: I hate baths. Still, every week you make me take one. Why? I've told you I hate them. Aren't you listening?

Last night was the end of my rope. You gave me another bath. What. the. hell.

001Well take this. I went outside and rolled in all the drought-killed grass I could find. It got good and stuck to me. I'm a mess. A stinky, grass-covered puppy dog mess.

And I know you won't give me another bath because you wouldn't be able to stand if the last day before your vacation, I gave you the I-hate-baths cold shoulder.

Ha. That'll teach you.



kdlowe22 said...

what a good dog!

Cheryl said...

ha! That's not what her dad said

Meggblack said...

She is a stinker! A cute one though...

Cheryl said...

Yeah and she's about to be all yours!