Jul 24, 2011


In my ongoing attempt to "get" G+ I jumped on there for a second this morning. I figured I'd add some more people to my Circles and see how it's all going.

Look what I saw.

That picture is so not Haila. In fact you might recognize that person as ME. And even if you do not know the lovely Haila, you do know that I don't have a twin so there is no way that she could look that much like me.

When I clicked on it to open her profile, I did get the right photo and info so it seems to be a somewhat superficial bug, not one that runs deep into the system. I suppose that's good.

Here's to hoping they refine soon.


Haila Yates said...

Ha! That's awesome. Was I the only friend with a wrong profile photo? How odd...

Cheryl said...

Yeah yours was the only profile it did that too. Strange right?