Jul 19, 2011

iGoogle - Are You Lying to Me?

I know I've blogged a lot about weather lately but OMG do you live in Texas? And if so, can you count the rain drops you've seen this year on your fingers? Because I can.

Over Easter weekend, Governor Rick Perry asked Texans to pray for rain. That was his official proclamation on the wildfires and extreme drought. Prayer. WTH. Ole Rick should have said things like "statewide watering restrictions" or "be careful, any spark could start a fire." You know, real, secular actionable things. Whatever y'all. It's Rick Perry. Just hope he doesn't get elected president or we'll be praying for the economy to rebound.

But I digress. Among the rain drops I can count on my fingers were some sprinkles Friday night. I'm taking 100% credit for those as I came home from work early, washed my car and then drove downtown where I had to park in a dirt parking lot (in the park). The few sprinkles of rain we got, which were glorious, ensured that my car looked worse than before I washed it. I don't know a lot about meteorology but I am damn confident that washing one's car is a scientifically reliable predictor of rain. Brittney, could you check with Chad on this and confirm please?

Sigh, I took you on another digression.

Like I was saying, much as I would like to believe my iGoogle homepage, the Wednesday and Thursday weather looks just too good to be true. Without car washing or rain praying or even rain dancing, how could this good fortune be true? I just don't know what reliable source we have to think that water will actually fall from the sky in the next two days.

But I am wicked ready to be proven wrong. Rain baby rain!


Brittney Garneau said...

No doubt that if you wash your car, it will rain. Or, if you have a 7 hour road trip from Houston to Little Rock and you have to pee REALLY BADLY and are in the middle of nowhere, it will POUR LIKE OMG YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. That may or may not have happened yesterday.

Cheryl said...

ah yes, all signs of rain...