Jul 10, 2011

Leapin Lexi

A few weeks ago I attended a social media training that ended with a product pitch. Good training, good product, just not a product I need at work right now. Not to be big-headed or anything, but of this group, I was clearly on the advanced side of the spectrum...like by a mile and probably the only person using social media enough to be a prospect for the product. So they've been courting me like champs ever since

Case in point: I was "randomly" selected after the event to receive the door prize. Random? Are you kidding me? The only potential sales lead just happens to be the person who wins the door prize, the door prize that you didn't draw in front of us? Puh-lease.

But hey, the door prize was a FlipCam and now we can do our part to even the cats v puppies score on YouTube.

Here's our second Lexi video in just one week! Look at her leap!

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