Jul 29, 2011

Formula to a Great Vaca

Just now, searching ABCNews.com for a story I was going to blog about (debt ceiling) I found a way more fun article on vacations. And given that today was my last day at work before our Canadian vaca, very timely.

Apparently there is a formula for a great vacation. The ingredients are
  1. Revel in the planning
  2. Be practical
  3. Build boundaries
  4. Pad your trip
  5. Align your expectations
  6. Allow opportunities for the unexpected
I rock at number one. I've been planning for Canada for months. Tomorrow my number 1 goal is getting all of our maps together, making sure we have all our details printed out, etc. It is a planning (and packing) day!

I think we do well at number two. We're going to Canada in part because we have a place to stay (big thanks Mike & Brenda) which is very practical. There's also the practical weather side of traveling very far north in August.

Number three, again I rock. At least this time. Being in Canada means no cell phone (high fees) and no internet (the lakehouse doesn't have it). I'll be setting up my out of office notice tomorrow and I've already alerted everyone that I am officially out. Off. The. Grid.

Number four - check! Ross works tomorrow but then we're both off Sunday to do last-minute things like the puppy juggle. We get back Friday but both have next Saturday and Sunday off before going back to the real world on Monday.

On the itinerary for Friday!
As for expectations...well, I have an itinerary. I have to go on a tangent here. Normally, I require 24 hour entertainment. Very high needs as Ross will tell you. He however can entertain himself for hours or days just kinda puttsing around. But when it comes to vacation time, I am more than content to sit down with a book and glass(es) of wine for hours with no agenda. Ross however requires constant entertainment. We seriously do a complete 180 when we're in vacation-land! I've learned from past vacas so this time around, there's an itinerary.

Number six...OK probably our weakest. But even though we have an itinerary, it's fairly vague and I think (hope) leaves lots of room for last minute "ooo this sounds fun" types of things. So we'll check off allowing for the unexpected too.

If you ask me, we have everything in the Great Vacation Formula. Bring it on!


Kim Dodson said...

Hope you guys have an awesome time...sounds like you'll have a blast!

Cheryl said...

Thanks! We're really looking forward to it. And now that I've put up my out-of-office message, it feels real! :)