Jul 2, 2011

Y'all Are Freaks

And I'm probably even more of a freak for being able to report back on your freakness.

In addition to my love affair with ABC World News, travel, nonprofits and Tex-Mex, I also have an obsession with Google Analytics. Please refer back to the nerdy post when I installed Google Analytics and last month when I reported back on how many of y'all there are.

New nerdiness: Google started an Analytics benchmarks newsletter. HOLLER! Love it. I received my very first edition of this nerdy awesomeness today and it told me that y'all are kinda freaks.

According to their benchmark, 85% of website visitors are on a Windows system. Only a piddly 5% are on Macintosh. But you blog readers, you are so cutting edge, progressive and in some cases, hippie. A whopping 33% of y'all are Macs. And if the PC v Mac commercials taught us anything, it's that Macs are wicked cool.

(I'm a PC but with Dell in our backyard, we get the hook up on the employee discount from friends and have a whole city worth of tech support experts available. Also my laptop is pink and came with a matching mouse and bag. I think that makes me/it pretty damn cool.)

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