Jul 14, 2011

Seattle Delta Style

This actually happened a few weeks ago but I don't know what happened. I didn't blog about it or my excitement. (Actually I think 4th of July weekend happened is what it was.)

But anyways, Val emailed me an itinerary (a Google doc entitled "Seattle Delta Style") for my Cheryl-only trip next month. I fly up early on a Friday and back on a Monday. Here's what we have planned.
  • San Juan Islands
    Friday: Val's tour of Seattle, to include the Space Needle and yummy food.
  • Saturday: Wine.
  • Sunday: The San Juan Islands which is where Justin works and as I have recently discovered, is one of those places all travel literature says you just must visit. Excellent.
  • Monday: Fly home.
I've never been to the northwest corner of the US of A so I'm really pleased to be seeing a good portion of it while I spend some highly coveted QT with my Val.

Just 17 days until Canada and 35 until Seattle. Bring on the summer vacations!

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