Jul 24, 2011

Cowgirl Birthday

006Today the fam and I celebrated niece Ava's 8th birthday (Ross was fighting fires, saving lives, etc and thus had to miss the par-tay) and as you can probably guess it was cowgirl themed. She got cowgirl clothes (including a bedazzled belt), horse books like Black Beauty and for the big gift: horseback riding lessons. Yeehaw!

And our baby niece, Adele, was crawling and tottering all over the place. Not quite walking yet but we think she's close. We think before the summer is over she'll be walking everywhere.

During dessert I had deja vu...well nearly. I remember this one time when I was probably about Ava's age, I think Melissa was staying the night and for dessert we had chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate milk. Tonight was the grown up version. Chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and chocolate wine.

Mama's little chocoholic, all grown up.


Lucia Morgan said...

Chocolate wine?! Where do you get that from, or is it homemade? Probably the one chocolate thing I haven't tried!

Guest said...

We've found it just at Specs before. I think I even saw it at Twin Liquors once. It's somewhere between spiked chocolate milk and a chocolate martini so if either of those appeal to you...