Jul 23, 2011

El Arbol

A couple months ago there was a LivingSocial deal to El Arbol. At first I didn't think anything of it but then one of my coworkers said it was the best steak in Austin. That, my friends, is a bold and lofty claim. There's a lot of damn good steaks in Austin.

I couldn't resist.

outside patio (stolen photo)
Last night we went, and holy cow, it was outstanding. First the location is great. It's off of 35th Street so more central than we usually venture but not downtown so getting around is easy. There's an enormous tree on the patio (I'm guessing for which they named the place) and all these lovely japanese lanterns hanging from it. But this is Texas and as you know from my multiple weather posts, it's hot so we sat inside. Indoors had a kinda funky eclectic decor.

We started with pulled pork on bruschetta with a side of arugula for our appetizer. Very tasty. The sauce had almost a mustard flavor.

Since it was the best steak in town, Ross ordered the flat iron steak. I went with the escolar which I had never had before. (Like a tuna but a white fish.) Wow. I mean just wow.

The steak melted in your mouth. It was perfectly cooked with a little dark pink in the middle, just the way I love it. There was a side of chimichuri sauce which Ross loved, I personally preferred it as plain, unvarnished meat.

Now the fish, goodness it was good. It was on a bed of corn and gnocchi with a little tangy cream sauce. Every bite was better than the last. I nearly licked my plate it was so good.

We ate like kings.

We called both of our moms after the fact to tell them how good it was so we can go with them again one day. The only caveat I'll give is that with our LivingSocial deal the price was fine but I think under normal circumstances, it would be a special occasion place. The meal described above (plus 1 glass of wine) was about $65 pre-coupon. At least for us, that's not an every week price point.

Next time you are in Austin, let's go to El Arbol. You can be our special occasion.

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